We aren’t like the other cat hotels or other large business franchise chains. Sure, we offer great pet-care services, and have shown our concept can work across multiple locations. We have established, unmatched market penetration and brand recognition in our heritage area throughout Klang Valley. When you join us, you can capitalize on that strength, while still taking advantage of the fact that there are many desirable franchise territories available. And, with a lower cost of entry than many other franchise concepts, we make it easier for you to get started and bring in-demand personal pet care services to your local market.


Catzonia is more than just a standard cat hotel; you can provide much more of a family feel for your customers and their cats, with convenient hours and walk-ins always welcome. As a Catzonia franchise owner, you and your team can ensure that everyone with their cats who walks through your doors is welcomed with a warm, friendly greeting, and is served quickly. It’s a business that is inherently embedded in the local community and focused on simply making cat lovers happy. Catzonia provides a positive experience for the customers of your business, for the people who work in your business, and for YOU as the business owner.

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